Wednesday, January 8, 2014


First of all, thanks a lot for coming here. Any game that brought you here is totally free and is not supposed to have any in app purchases. I create this games for fun and learning purposes, so I'm not going to charge for them. Besides, most sprites/assets I use for their development is not mine but borrowed from some old games. Donated money will be used in order to keep this all going (For example, buying new Unity Assets that allow me to easly add more features to my games, books, documentation, etc...). Donating is not obligatory but really appreciated, and to prove it, Donating for certain games will have its perks. Here they are:

Dragon Ball Runner:
-Donating more than $5 U.S Dollars to this game will allow you to create your own 100 pixels pixel art. You can write your name or create simple shapes like the ones you will see in the game. If you want your name, I will write it myself, for any other art, please send me the finished art and I will gladly add it. Please note that I won't be adding any pornographic art, so avoid yourself from sending those.

NOTE: If you donated more than 5 bucks, send a picture with your donation receipt and Pixel art you want to be added to

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